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Jacob Frydman - Chairman, CEO

Jacob Frydman

Jacob Frydman is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of both the company and our advisor. Mr. Frydman has served as Managing Partner of Hudson-York Capital, LLC, a real estate investment and development firm, and its predecessor firms, from May 1995 through the present, and is a founding Managing Partner of Lambdastar Infrastructure Partners, LLC, an infrastructure investment fund, from May 2007 to the present. Mr. Frydman has more than 30 years’ experience in developing and investing in real estate, including value-added real estate assets, as well as in infrastructure and other business transactions. Through his affiliates, Mr. Frydman has acquired over five million square feet of existing and to-be-developed real estate located on the east coast of the United States, and has participated in acquisition and development transactions valued at over $2 billion, including projects under development and not yet completed. Notable transactions by Mr. Frydman, on his own or with other individual investors, include: developing Two Dag Hammerskjöld Plaza (acquired in 1996 or 1997 by 866 Dag Associates LP, an affiliate of Mr. Frydman), an office condominium tower in midtown Manhattan used by foreign governments for their missions to the United Nations; redeveloping the Aetna Building in lower Manhattan’s financial district (acquired in 1996 by Williams and Fulton Associates LP, an affiliate of Mr. Frydman, and sold in 2001); acquiring the unfinished Global Crossing New York headquarters in 2003 from Goldman Sachs, which Mr. Frydman successfully repositioned for adaptive re-use as a mixed-use development and sold in 2005; purchasing the NBC New York television studios in 2000 from NBC’s parent, General Electric, and entering into a production arrangement with Procter & Gamble; and in 2003 acquiring 500 Tenth Avenue in Manhattan, which Mr. Frydman re-developed into the DHL Center and still owns.

Mr. Frydman has spent the majority of his 30 year career focused on value-added investments based on his strengths in structuring, financing and executing highly complex real estate transactions. Both as a lawyer assisting clients and, primarily as an investor, Mr. Frydman has repeatedly conceived of and executed strategic solutions to deal with complex business problems. Mr. Frydman has developed numerous properties from Florida to New York, including golf course communities, planned unit developments, and townhouse projects. Since 2004, he has been a managing founder of Surrey Equities, LLC, a firm specializing in developing, acquiring and managing strip shopping centers. He believes in ‘‘smart growth’’ and strives to make his projects environmentally sound. He has developed residential projects, urban retail projects, suburban office buildings, medical office buildings, financial center office buildings, active adult communities, residential projects, senior housing, student housing, assisted living and specialized dementia care facilities. Mr. Frydman has operated various businesses, including television production studios that, in an arrangement with Procter & Gamble, from January 1999 until September 2010 produced one of the longest-running television daytime dramas, ‘‘As The World Turns.’’

Mr. Frydman has participated as a speaker and panelist at numerous industry seminars, where he speaks on matters relating to real estate investment and infrastructure investment. Mr. Frydman has also been a guest lecturer on real estate finance at Columbia University’s Masters of Real Estate Development program in the School of Architecture, and as a participant in the Master’s Lecturer series sponsored by New York Law School, where he lectured on ‘‘Risk and Relative Risk in Business Transactions.’’ Since June 2011 Mr. Frydman has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Bardavon Opera House, home of the Hudson Valley Philharmonic. Mr. Frydman is a graduate of Boston University (B.S., Finance) and Case Western Reserve University School of Law (Juris Doctor).

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